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  • Save time by automating your stock research
  • Identify undervalued stocks with the potential to generate high returns
  • Make better investment decisions with the help of Proceemo's expert analysis
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How It Works

Proceemo is an automated stock analysis tool that uses tried and tested methodologies to help you find undervalued stocks. With Proceemo, you can:


Automated Analysis

Save time by automating your stock research and simplifying complex models


Find Value

Identify undervalued stocks with the potential to generate high, long-term returns


Generate Wealth

Make better investment decisions with the help of Proceemo's expert analysis

Proceemo Features

Proceemo simplifies some of the basics for you so you can do year over year analysis easy as well as more complex value models


Revenue and Earnings growth analysis, showing you the year over year growth

Key Metrics

See the increase or decreasing key value metrics like free cash flow, enterprise value, and more.


A consolidated view that gives you a lot of the analysis that value investors use when evaluating a company.


Insider Transactions

Get a look at what senior leaders and executives are doing with their companies stock

Financial Statements

Get a look at the current and previous years Income Statements, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statements

Institutional Analysis

See how large investment institutions are doing with each stock.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial data is available, for free, from A LOT of sites. Proceemo's value is 1) no ads, on the free or paid tier. Ads are such a distraction on so many sites, we don't like ads, we're not putting ads on Proceemo, and 2) we do a lot of the math most sites are not doing for you, and we're aggregating different value strategies into a single scorecard to make it easy for you to analyze.

We're highly motivated to invest every dollar earned back into Proceemo. We have more features in the backlog than we can possibly develop right now, so your membership and patronage means a lot to the Proceemo team.

Go to our YouTube page to see how we like to analyze stocks. You can also subscribe to our Substack newsletter for our analysis on different stocks.

Nope, we never made that guarantee, but we wish we could! Investing in stocks is risky, even the biggest and seemingly safest companies have risks. We try to mitigate those risks as much as possible via due diligence, but nothing in life is guaranteed my friend.

Amazing Features

Proceemo is the perfect tool for value investors who are looking to buy and hold stocks for the long term. With Proceemo, you can build a diversified portfolio of stocks that are undervalued and have the potential to generate high returns.


Investing is more about just the numbers, but you can make the numbers part easy with Proceemo

Simplifying the Complex

Investing can get complicated. Proceemo helps take the complexity out of analysis

Stay Informed

Understand the stocks in your portfolio better


Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see how we're evaluating stocks

New Features

Our paid tier of customers have access to features first, and your voice will influence to features with a higher priority

Generate Wealth

Make investment decisions that will help you and your family generate wealth that will last more than a lifetime.

Great Pricing Plans

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  • YouTube Channel Analysis
  • Free Tier
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  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Unlimited Stock Searches
  • High Level Company Data
  • Paid Tier
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  • Unlimited Stock Searches
  • Proceemo Scorecard
  • Institutional Analysis
  • Insider Analysis
  • Core Financial Data
  • Value Analysis Model

Get Ready to Build Wealth the same way top investing pros have done before!

Proceemo has aggregated the methodologies used by legendary investors like Warren Buffer, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, Joel Greenblatt, and more.

Ultimately, it is up to YOU to make good investing decisions. Proceemo makes it easier for you to do the analysis and make those decisions.

  • Standard Value Analysis.
  • Implied Growth Model.
  • Historical data versus current value.
  • Assets and liabilities analysis.