What is Proceemo?

Proceemo is a service that allows you to be notified when an item on Amazon has lowered its price.

How will you be notified?

You will be notified via the email address that was used to sign up.

Is it free?


Will it always be free?

Hopefully. It's certainly not my intention to ever charge for this service. However, if it ever costs me a lot of money to run the site, I'll either have to ask for money or shut it down. I'd rather not turn to advertising, because it would just make the site ugly.

Is my data safe?

Very much so. You'll notice you only needed an email address to sign up, and I intend to keep it that way. The less I know about you, the better. I will never give out your email address, and passwords are encrypted.

Is the site mobile friendly?

Yep - it shoud like great on your mobile device. If it doesn't, email me: proceemo @ gmail.com.

Why did I create Proceemo?

Because I was shopping for a kegerator on Amazon one day, and found one on sale for $299. I thought that was the normal price, so I did not purchase it that moment. Later in the week when I was ready to buy it, the price went up to $450. After checking back multiple times a day for it to fall back to $299, I figured there has to be a better way. So I created Proceemo.

Can you donate money to Proceemo?

Yes, in fact that would be awesome! Donations will be used to maintain the site, and continue to improve it. Click the donate any amount you'd like.

Can you request a new feature?

I thought you'd never ask! Of course, I welcome feature requests. Email them to proceemo @ gmail.com

What are the terms of service?

I'm not a lawyer, but basically, Proceemo is not resposible for anything bad that happens to you. If a price on Proceemo does not match what is actually on Amazon, I am not reponsible. If an item says it is Prime on Proceemo but not on Amazon, that is a bummer and I am not responsible. In fact, you should complain about any disrepencies to Amazon, because Proceemo is just using their API to get price and Prime data. Please do not complain too hard, they could just shut down the API entirely, which would end Proceemo :(